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Our Shop Sells the Best Cookies in Town

Our cookies are freshly made everyday,and our recipe has been pasted down from generation to generation. We can garentee that our cookies will rock your world. To prove it we had a test with random people tasting our cookies and another bakery in town to see which one they like better. Only two out of the twenty people we tested said they like our cookies more. So come on down and try our cookies.

Come and Buy Our Delicious Cakes

Our cakes are the best tasting and least expensive cakes in town. We compared our prices to other cakes in town and our cakes prices are at a resonable price. And to garentee this if you find a similar cake in town with a smaller price we will lower the cake you buy from us by three dollars. Come and buy our cakes and we garentee you will leave happy with the amount you payed. Not to mention how delicious they are.