Freak The Mighty

By: Aubree Williams 1st hr

Freak the mighty!

Maxwell Kane

Kevin Avery/ Freak

max saves the day

blade is out on the fourth of July. Max sees

him and they start to argue and freak

buts in and starts to argue with blade, but

blade is not up for it. max gets scared and

they try to run but they cant because

blades bad gang is surrounding them everywhere!

Then the cops drive bye and blade runs.

Max and freak see them again and run while

they can but blade can catch up and blade

starts throwing things then they come to a

lake they cant run any farther so they run into

the water then the police come... Hands

Up they say! But blade and his gang run and

there gone then max gets kinda stuck

while getting out so they have to pull him out

and that's how they became...

Freak The Mighty

killer kanes out

killer Kane is on parole about to get out of jail

he is convincing them to let him go but its all fake.

killer Kane should not be getting out but he is...

he might harm someone.


Maxwell Kane has gone missing there

are footprints in the snow and killer

Kane is out. is Max is scared he wants

to be found he wants to run but hes

tied up to killer Kane he can move

but that's when Loretta comes in

and try to help while iggy distracted

killer Kane. but he tried to strangle

her when he caught her. Then

freak shows up to save the day and

he tricks killer kane that he has a

crazy chemical in his squirt gun... its just

some stuff he put in last minute but

killer kane is fooled and starts covering

his eyes and they run for it freak

guides while max just runs!

death disease

Freak has Morquio syndrome this is

a very deadly disease and it could

kill him any time. So he cant do much,

he cant go on the fun quests anymore.

He doesn't have much time. One

night it finally hits, they had been

ready for it but max was not. He freaks

out when he finds out that hes gone.