The Archive War in Texas

By: Sarah Tadyshak

The roles of Angelina Eberly and Sam Houston in the Archive War.

Angelina Eberly was the innkeeper and archive war cannoneer. In the archive war in March 1842, Angelina Eberly was in the middle of the battle at the time, and before she could be harmed, she fires a cannon at them since she was the cannon keeper.

Sam Houston was the president of the United States at the time, and he was part of the Archives War between Mexico and Texas. Sam Houston was supposed to be calling the seven sessions of the Texas congress for help at Washington-On-The-Brazos. At the end of December 1842, he sent a company of rangers under Col. Thomas I. Smith in charge of them.

The causes of the Archive War!

The Texan Archive War of 1842 conflicts were caused by the incident of Sam Houston's attempt to remove the Archives of the Republic. War between Mexico and Texas has started because of this. The Mexican army was lead by the general Rafael Vasquez.

Photo of the Archive Battle

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The events of the Archive War!

The Archive War had begun in March 1842 of the conflicts of Sam Houston. A group of an army came from Mexico lead by General Rafael Vasquez. For the Texan's of course, they weren't prepared for what General Rafael Vasquez was fighting for. They weren't ready for the attack by Mexico. After a while, Sam Houston has called in for help for some rangers of this battle at Washington-On-The-Brazos. The rangers started to load up some wagons of Archives and just drove away with them. A young citizen named, Angelina Eberly was known as the women that people say that she fired a cannon at them. By the end of the war, the Archives were returned to Austin, Texas, and remain there until Austin became the capital again in 1844.

Mexican General Rafael Vasquez

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