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Donatello lived in Florence for most of his life.Donatello lived in Florence for most of his life.Donatello is a sculptor in Italy. And went to school to be one.Donatello worked in a cathedral, traveled to rome to learn, then Sculpted for the rest of his life.Donatello was a Skulptor. Some of his pieces were The Marble David, Judith and Holofernes, and Magdalene Penitent.Donatello started painting with Michelozzo.Humanism, because he would sculpt the naked form of humans. Secularism, because he doesn't care about the natural world just about the purity of the human body. He used specific details on the male form.

The Work

The Piece that Donatello made is called Marble David, This piece was created from 1408 and reworked in 1416. It is located at Museo Nazionale, Florence. This picture of the Bronze David shows male parts on it and they are very detailed. He is very well built. He is made of all Bronze.I find this piece so interesting because it is very unique and a wonderful pice of art. The fact that this sculpture being nude is a very unique characteristic. This Sculpture was the first of the renaissance. Humanism, this is one of the ism's that I think describes this sculpture the most. Donatello created a sculpture of a human in very good depth of all his parts of the body.

Donatello's Marble David

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