Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

As we head into Week 2 of Distance Learning, I wanted to point out some highlights of our very first week of a VERY different way of teaching our Coyotes.

1. Students and teachers love each other and there is clear excitement when they have an opportunity to connect.

2. Less is more at this point. Helping parents and students understand the basics of distance learning is key before moving forward with content, especially new content.

3. Choice and time matter. Students are at home. They have WAY more freedom in their days. Giving students choice in what/when/how they show their learning, when possible, is preferred. Whether it is outlining a weekly set of assignments or using choice boards, giving students room to work is important in this model.

4. Office Hours. Be proactive in setting appointments, especially when you are recognizing struggle (academic, social-emotional, or just checking).

Thank you for checking out our padlet of appreciation:

Thanks to those that have added already!

Expectations from 3/30-4/9

1. First and foremost, take care of your family and your own personal health! There is no short cutting that.

2. Adjust the Distance Learning Schedule if you make any changes.

3. Please refer to the Staff Meeting Presentation for basic expectations for the first nine days of distance learning. CHE Staff Update, 3/26.

Expectations for Spring Break

While there were limited formal expectations leading up to Distance learning, the truth is that many of you never stopped working. With that in mind, my expectation is that you take the Spring Break to disconnect. Turn off your email and let your parents know that you will not be sending work, engaging in Meet Ups, and will be generally unavailable during Spring Break.

Some ideas for your Quarantine Spring Break (courtesy of a friend):

1. Immerse yourself in a foreign language. Linguistica 360 uses current events to teach lessons in French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

2.Learn to play an instrument. Guitar maker Fender offers online guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons (with a free three-month trial period). Meanwhile, on YouTube, find any play-along song you can imagine for countless instruments.

3.Watch an aquarium live feed. You can see African penguins courtesy of the Mystic Aquarium or an octopus feeding through Boston’s New England Aquarium. Both aquariums are offering lots of virtual learning and engagement opportunities for kids, including daily Facebook Live animal broadcasts.

4. Journal what you are thankful for:)

What do I do if I have a student who is not CONNECTING at all?

1. Attempt contact by email AND phone.

2. If #1 fails, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM: Distance Learning Form

3. Once the form is filled, please attempt regular contact. In the meantime, I will work with Karen to make contact.

4. If we are still unable to make contact, we will work Student Services to track families down.

SEL, Mindfulness, Inner Explorer At Home

Mr. Matthew is available. Reach out if you would like him to join a class session or to share resources.

Inner Explorer Links are below.

Thanks to the teachers who have put systems in place for checking in with students each day.

Library Services--Did you know!

Elaine James is available to meet and to share resource. District Librarians have been hard at work culling and developing resources for Distance Learning.

Please read the email from Elaine James with the endless number of links and resources. Please share that information with your families. If anything, we just hope our kids are reading each day!

These are the links from the email but I recommend you read her message:

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