San Salavador, El Salavador

El Salvador will amaze you with its fantastic beaches, valconoes, and its interesting food along with its fastinating cultre.

Papusa Paloza

Emty your tummys because your gonna be full after you visit san salvador. Your dinner will consist of soup, vegtables, bans, rice, tortillas, fish, and meat.If your not in the mood for cooking, you might just wind up witha plate full of papusas.Then you will wake up up to totillas and coffee. I hope you like fruit fruit poultry, and seafood, because that is the most likely what the would serve at most resturants. San salvador has so many other dishes there is just to many to name.

Art and music plus more!!

You will be amazed by all the art and music they have there.You will hear the same music you would hear here, i guess they like hip hpo and r/b. They have been influenced by spain music and art. The village of lampalma has become popular for school of the arts.200 years ago the inherited painting from spain. its so different from what you would see here. San Salvador is full of culture and different art you will love it.

Sit Back And Relax

Bring the little ones because there is a tons of things to keep them occupied. Pack you're bathing suits because they have beautiful beaches. There are plenty of valcanoes and nature hikes for you to walk. There are so many museums like the military or how about the world and image museums. If you love coffee plantations you can go to. There are a lot more places to go to but these are top notch,


History is a big part of san Salvador it plays a big role in their culture. You know how in the united states you can go and see planes like fighter jets well in El Salvador you can do the same. Every month there is a carnival based on the season. The first church built in 1725 was turned into a museum in the late 1800s. Most churches are built colonial style. San Salvador is very religious and festive its awsomely educational.

Spanish Galore

There language in el Salvador is pretty basic you'll love it. Spanish is there official language, but they speak more than one.Its very rare to find people who speak nahuan an indian language, also people who speak caliche. Native americans were the first people in el salvador to speak any of those three lanuages. Spanish is easy to speak the other three not so much.

Hot and Wet

The climate is like it is here. They only have two seasons dry and wet season. In the low lands its is very hot and wet like Houston. In el salvador it is very humid but also very sunny. Its is best to be out there during the dry season which would be the end of november and the beginning of april. Its like Houston in El salvador but much prettier!


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