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My name is Anna Elizabeth Waller.

I enjoy watching Netflix and sleeping.

10 Dystopian Rules

Anna Waller

Ms. Sibold

Honors 9 English

19 January 2016

Dystopian Society Rules

  1. One must not own any form of literature (i.e. books, magazines, novels, articles, poems, etc.) for it could make the mind think in ways it should not.

  2. Every individual (including adults) must be inside their own house by 9:00pm, and all lights are to be turned off by 10:00pm.

  3. Citizens must only be allowed to eat fruit, vegetable, grain, and wheat products, and are not permitted to bake their own food.

  4. Must have approval by the government date or marry a person.

  5. There is a limit of 2 children per each household.

  6. If you are not married by 30, then the government will assign a partner for you.

  7. No one is allowed to own a pet of any kind.

  8. No singing, writing, drawing, painting, or any other forms of expressive entertainment is allowed.

  9. Individuals are limited to 10 personal belongings each (citizens are provided with food, shelter, furniture, & clothes).

  10. Must always abide by what the ruler says, and cannot speak out against the ruler.

"I'm Already a Dead Man" poem

I'm already a dead man.

I try and try to figure things out,

But all I ever do is just sit and pout.

There's something missing inside of me.

I'm living a life full of mystery.

I know Big Brother is watching me.

So soon enough I'll just be history.

I don't know who to believe.

I have no choice, I can't even leave.

I know it hasn't always been like this.

There used to be a world full of happiness and bliss.

But now there's bombs and war between the nation.

We're living under a powerful dictation.

I sit and write, though I know it will kill me.

We can't even think, or wonder, or read.

All of our freedoms are banned.

I know, I'm already a dead man.

Blog Post - Why 1984 Matters?

The book, 1984, by George Orwell, should be included in a time capsule to be dug up in one hundred years because it shows that with all the new electronics, which this world might have in one hundred years, can completely change a society and how it is run by a dystopian government. With the use of electronics, people could not even remember what happened in their childhood because they were brainwashed. Orwell may have believed that some governments were getting too controlling, so he used his creativity to show people what could happen if the government had too much power. He wanted to let people know that this kind of government can take away people’s freedoms and rights. When people read this book, they think about how horrible of a society it is, and they remember to make sure that their government does not take over and change the past.

George Orwell created an imaginary world that he believed might come to existence in the future. He made the world include separation between different kinds of people, like it was in the 1900’s with whites and blacks. He created a government that was totalitarian because governments were starting to have too much control, and the people were not able to have their say. In this book, the citizens had to do jobs they were assigned, they could not express feelings, especially with the opposite gender, they were not able to read, write, or do any other kind of activity that allows one’s mind to think in ways it should not. In 1984, the citizens were on an everyday schedule that never changed, and they were not able to change their everyday lives unless they wanted to be executed. Orwell may have believed that the government was gaining too much control, and that the world could end up like the society portrayed in this book. 1984 should be included in a time capsule so in the future readers can read it and make sure that the world has not changed in to something like the book, and they can ensure that everyone still has their own personal rights that can never be changed or taken away by a government.

Rap song that details issues withing the novel

tune of "Mean" - Taylor Swift

People, are always watching but there's nothing I can do I'll never be free

They've limited my privacy, I'm feeling like a nothing

They, have a voice like nails on a chalkboard calling me out when I'm wounded

They, are picking on the weaker men

They can take me down with just one single blow

But they don't know what they don't know,


Someday, I'll live in a world that's not totalitarian

and we are all going to be free.

Someday, we will think and be who we want to be

and we are all going to be free. We're all going to be free.

We, cant even read or write or dress in ways unlike everyone else,

We, cant be seen with the people we love, because we aren't supposed to do that.

I walk with my head down trying to avoid anyone who thinks I've committed thought


I, just want to live like a free man.

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