Curling Chronicle

by Lamberto G

Pic of Jared and Curling Legend Marcel Rocque! @JaredZezel04

Jared Zezel is a young Olympian from the United States of America. He has a incredible history with the sport of curling. He has been in many curling events that help show that he is a great second (position) on his team. Here is some more information about this great athlete.

Men's Round Robin Session 2

America's Curling team (men) had a very good match with Norway's curling team(men). Both teams did great and had a intense performance against each other. Here are the results

Human Interest Story

Jared Zezel is an amazing curling player and is on the USA's Olympic curling team. He has won medal in just about every major curling event in the world such as the junior worlds, continental world cup champion, and many more tough curling events. But he is also a very caring boyfriend to his girlfriend who name is Britney Smuk. The couple was separated this valentines day for a few reasons. One being that Britney remained in Madison, WI and Jared was preforming at the Olympics along with his teammates trying to win a gold for this years 2014 Winter Olympics. Although she can't be there in Sochi she watches every single one of Jared's matches on TV showing support to her boyfriend in everything he does.

Men's Round Robin Session 4

The USA's men curling team put on a very impressive performance against Denmark by controlling the whole game. To see more click here

Curling is it a great sport?

Many people do not think of curling to be a sport for many reasons. Some of those reasons are that its not a contact sport like wrestling or as physically strong as a football player. But it is a game of skill and technique.

Here is an amazing article with both men's and women's curling

What Makes a Curling Stone Olympic Worthy?

Ever wonder about how curling stones are created? If you did, below is a video to show how they are made for athletes to use. Want to see more? Click here.

The rules and Basic terms of Curling

The video below helps people who are new to the sport learn the basics such as rules and terms that are used. To watch the video click here
How It's Made Curling Stones