Corrao's Epidemiology

4020 Longo Lane Coconut City, Hawaii 13243

What is Corrao's Epidemiology?

Corrao's Epidemiology aims to study patterns of diseases and injuries in certain populations. With this information, we find out why specific diseases occur in certain areas.

Job Openings!

Corrao's Epidemiology is currently looking for certified workers to join our crew! While working with us, you will go to certain areas to study patterns of diseases. Others will analyze this information to see why these diseases occur in specific areas.

Job Description

The starting salaries for both areas in Corrao's Epidemiology are $81,000. In order to apply for the job, you are required to have a bachelor's degree in biological science followed by a master's degree in epidemiology.

Come Join Us Today!

Corrao's Epidemiology is a fun and friendly environment. We will accept all new members with wide arms. At Corrao's Epidemiology, we have get togethers once a month were the employees can bond with one another and have a day off to relax. Do not hesitate, call today!

Corrao's Epidemiology

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