SJCS Family Newsletter

July 2021

Change can be hard. Well, let's face it...change is hard. There are many questions, many unknowns, many ideas, and many more questions leaving a lot to be worried, anxious, and also excited about.

As I reflect on the last few weeks and this season of change - not only in my personal life but in the life of our school - I am incredibly encouraged.

While I may not have too many answers to all the questions just yet, I can offer these promises to each of you and our collective Eagle family:

1. I promise to build positive relationships.

2. I promise to set high expectations for every Eagle.

3. I promise to provide support and accountability.

4. I promise to be the lead learner and spiritual leader of our school.

5. I promise to model reflective thinking.

6. I promise to value progress.

As we begin to shift into back-to-school mode, know that you and your family are in my prayers as we begin this journey together. I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in the work of educating our scholars in faith and academics with the ultimate goal of getting them to heaven.

-Mrs. Mishler

Family Work Day

We still have a few slots open for our First Annual Family Work Day going on this Friday and Saturday (July 16th and 17th).

Even if you can come for just an hour, every bit helps out! But, the BIG QUESTION is: which family will win the Work Day trophy?

If you get your initial task completed and have more time to share, you can take on another task. You will get FISH hours credit (and points) for all the tasks you complete!

Check out the sign up spreadsheet linked below.

Updated Shoe Expectations

As back-to-school sales begin to appear, we wanted to communicate the shoe expectations for the new year, especially the DRESS shoe specifics. The changes apply to secondary (6-12th grades) ONLY.

Mrs. Mishler's expectation on days we attend Mass is that we are dressing to be in the presence of God. It is out of respect and reverence for the Real Presence of Our Lord that these new changes are being instated.

Please see below for the new expectations and examples.

What is the difference from last year?

* The canvas style shoes, such as the popular "Hey Dudes", Vans, Toms, Bobs, etc. are allowed on normal days but NOT on Mass days.

* Any "tennis shoe" or likeness of a tennis shoe is NOT allowed on Mass days.

* Boys' socks on Mass days should be of solid color and match either the shoes or pants in color.

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2021-22 COVID Guidelines

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