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February 14, 2016

A Message from Jeff and Yolanda

On Friday, the Florida Department of Education finally released the official school grades for the 2014-2015 school year and Lorenzo Walker Technical High School earned an "A" rating for the 4th year in a row. Congratulations to our teachers who continue to work hard in leading students to success in spite of all the changes with the Florida schools' accountability system.

This week we say goodbye to Jeannette Kostka, our Dual Enrollment Dental Assisting instructor. Jeannette has been very successful in elevating the dental program and establishing amazing relationships with the clinical partners for the high school students. Her hard work, quick wit and genuine caring for her students are the hallmarks of her time spent with us. While we wish her the very best in her new pursuits, she will be sorely missed. Please stop by Dining Hall D on Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm to send her off with a smile!

Last week, Aviation Instructor, Ed Carr, and student, Robert Jones, joined students and educators from across the state in Tallahassee to celebrate Career and Technical Education Month. The event at the Capitol featured student demonstrations, exhibits and speakers including Governor Scott and Career and Adult Education Chancellor Rod Duckworth. Chancellor Duckworth even had an opportunity to visit the LWTC exhibit and learn about using advanced composites in the field of aviation. The highlight of the trip was being invited to the Florida First for Education reception at the Governor's Mansion.

Tech-savvy Teens Take High School Business Contest’s Top Prize

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News Article from Palm Beach Atlantic!

Friends and family members frequently call upon high school students Aldo Cordero, Sydney Goforth and Angie Zavala for help with setting up smartphones and other gadgets. Last year, the trio combined forces and launched a business.

The students at Lorenzo Walker Technical High School in Naples, Florida, created We Tech, a mobile technology assistance service, as part of a project for their entrepreneurship class.

Lorenzo Walker Technical High School students Aldo Cordero, Sydney Goforth and Angie Zavala present their business concept, We Tech, to a panel of judges at the 2016 Entrepreneurship High School Challenge at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

They now have $1,000 to help them grow their company after winning first place in the 2016 Entrepreneurship High School Challenge presented by the Rinker School of Business at Palm Beach Atlantic University. The students provide on-site tech help to small groups of clients, typically those of their parents' generation and older. They offer email and social media training as well as guidance with communication apps like Skype. “Overall, We Tech wants to connect families together,” Cordero said during the group’s presentation to a panel of judges. The teens said that their partnerships with high-end residential communities, which allow them to come in and offer training, are what sets them apart from competitors. They also offer help to clients one-on-one, they said.

Their presentation, along with their written business plan, official company polo shirts and lighted display board, helped them achieve first place amid a pool of five finalists.

This year’s second-place prize of $500 went to Make Up Doctor, a company started by student Jessica Blakley of The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach. She developed a kit that repairs broken compact makeup, such as pressed powder and blush.

The third-place award of $250 went to the team of Matthew Koenig, Jose Bautista and Melissa Rodriguez, also from Lorenzo Walker Technical High School. Their company, Gamers Tank, partners with companies like GameStop to host video game tournaments.​

Tech Corner

If you missed any Web on Wednesday session this year, you can access an ‘online version’ via the LW Campus wiki page. Next session is a continuation of “Smashing Some Apps” using your iPad. You are most welcome to join us on Wed, Feb 24th for part 3, even if you didn’t attend parts 1& 2!

How did we live without YouTube? Here’s a list of 197 educationally oriented YouTube channels - Happy watching!

Check out this neat infographic on a study about Marzano instructional strategies. Though it is specifically for online teaching, there is much that can be translated to the classroom and/or computer based programs. Hat tip to Pat Metcalf for the link.

Like Quizlet, StudyStack is a flash card oriented website that is designed to let you (and your students) set up flashcards or use one of the flashcards sets already created. There are a variety of games to play in Study Stack that may increase motivation for your students to include Hangman and Crossword - see the image below!

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A Note from our Wellness Champions

Week 3- "Food for Life"- Eating out Challenge!

So the gang wants to go out to eat. Oh no! Too many temptations and too big of portions will set me back on my journey to weight loss and living a healthy life. Well it doesn’t have to. This week we learned ideas for eating out and staying on course.


  • Think International: Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and even Italian all have healthy options (not saying steak houses do not, it just may be more difficult)- here are some suggestions--- there are many, many more
  • Mexican: bean or chicken taco salad no cheese, or shrimp or veggie fajitas no sour cream or cheese with extra lettuce
  • Japanese: miso soup, non- fried sushi, or edamame
  • Chinese: chicken, shrimp or veggie steamed dishes with the sauce on the side: dip the meal in sauce instead of drowning it, egg drop soup, spring rolls (not fried) and steamed rice not fried
  • Thai: Thai Papaya Salad, Thai hot and sour soup, Pho Bowl, or Pad Thai (sauce on the side)
  • Italian: Salad with balsamic vinegar on the side, grilled chicken with marinara and veggies (no cheese), order a tomato based dish without pasta and request vegetables instead
  • Plan ahead: look at menu online to select a healthy meal before leaving and eat accordingly that day so that calories can be ‘banked’ for eating out
  • ·When ordering ask if they offer ½ portions or ask for a ‘to go’ box immediately and divide food when it is brought out
  • Buddy Up- split a healthy selection with a friend
  • Start a meal with a salad (dressing on the side) or a broth soup before the main course- fills the tummy a little

Alright everyone this week’s challenge is to email me ( the spots in Naples where you make healthy choices and what those selections are. I will collect your ideas and make a guide of healthy eating to share with everyone. Please share as this will be helpful to everyone.

Mine: Foxboros or Dylans: order a large thin pizza with all veggies (plus whatever the chef would like to add), double sauce and no cheese—Hold on say what?!? No cheese?!? Yes! It is delicious!!! I do sometimes shake a little parmesan cheese on top with crushed red peppers. It makes for awesome left overs too for the next day--- tip: reheat in oven not microwave for a crispier crust.


The Biggest Losers on the high school side are over the half-way point in our challenge. Collectively we have lost 65.45 lbs! Congrats all and let’s keep it up! Can we get over 100 lbs?


  • Student Services is hosting a Counselors Breakfast on 2/19 starting at 8:00 a.m. We are expecting about 50 elementary, middle and high school counselors. They will be treated to breakfast and a tour.
  • The District is hosting a CCPS Proud day on 2/19. About 20 community leaders will be be arriving at LWTC/LWTHS at 11:00 a.m. for lunch and a tour of the campus. Please make sure to tidy your classrooms and shops.
  • Eight of our juniors and seniors under the direction of Neil Fehr will take part in a national mathematical modeling contest called, Moody's Mega Math Challenge. Our students will gain the experience of working in teams to tackle a real-world problem under time and resource constraints akin to those faced by industrial applied mathematicians. The Challenge awards $150,000 in scholarships. They are busy preparing for the challenge which will takes place the weekend of 2/27-2/28.
  • The Social Studies Department celebrates and honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month by asking students and staff to participate in lessons and activities recognizing the contributions of African Americans to United States and World History. The following links provide resources for your classroom and we hope that you will join us in not only recognizing MLK Day but continuing through February and even until the end of the year if you like. You will find that they have a number of lessons applicable to subject matters outside of History (i.e. Math, English, Art, etc.).


  • There will be a reception for Jeannette Kostka on Thursday 2/18 at 2:30pm as her last day with us will be 2/19. Stop by and wish her well!
  • PLT reflections are due February 29th.
  • Please don’t forget to submit your Florida Teachers' Classroom Supply Assistance Program receipts to Ray Smith. He is asking that the receipts be submitted by February 29th so there is adequate time to check each submission and submit the final report to the Budgeting Department by their deadline of March 15th.
  • Fly in/ Cruise in Meeting at the Naples Airport 2/17 at 2:30PM
  • Please remember to set up your CTEM pre-conference, formal and post conference with your evaluator if you have not already done so.
  • Our students are amazing so please reward them with a positive referral that can be entered in Student PASS. The referrals are for behaviors that exceed expectations (i.e. turning in a cell phone that was found in the courtyard).
  • The PBS Committee is sponsoring an attendance "challenge" to all LWTHS and LWTC (dual-enrollment) teachers. Every teacher that submits their attendance by 1:15 PM each day in the week will be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous prize. The second challenge begins on 2/16-2/19. Are you up for the challenge? Just think how happy you'll make Sabrina.
  • Please be visible in the hallways before class and during transitions as this will alleviate any appropriate student behavior during those times.
  • Don't forget to nominate a staff member for the month of February by clicking on the Padlet link . Type the name of the nominated staff member in the "Title" portion of the Padlet post and your reasoning in the body of the post. Also you can nominate by grade level a student for the month of February by clicking the appropriate link below. Follow the same protocol of putting the student name as the title and reason for nominating in the body of the posting.
Post-Secondary Link:
9th grade Link:
10th grade Link:
11th grade Link:
12th grade Link:

Spotlight on LWTHS Staff Member

Marcela Ugarte is a mother of two boys and one girl. She has three granddaughters and a grandson. She enjoys painting, drawing, golf, history, bead crafting, and swimming. Before moving to Naples, she lived in Bolivia and Chicago. With a smile always on her face, Marcela is more than happy to help others. She currently does not own pets, but she had in the past, before her traveling got in the way. “I love traveling to Europe, mostly Italy, because I get to visit my family and learn a little bit more Italian. She told me. “I like summer time because I can travel at that time.” She also loves the end of the year, because it gives her a chance to spend time with her friends and family, and she loves her family. Out of anywhere in the world, she’d choose to live in Chile, because she loved the two years she spent living there. In her opinion, the best part of her job is getting the chance to help people when they need her. “Being with younger people makes me feel good when they ask me for guidance.” She even admitted that she treats young people as her own grandchildren.

Spotlight on LWTC Staff Member

Olivia Ralston is an adventurous and warmhearted woman. She’s a guidance counselor on the LWTC side that moved to Naples after living in California for twenty-seven years. She enjoys working here because she really likes assisting people along the way with any issues or questions they may have. Some of her favorite things include being creative in the kitchen, ballroom dancing, and beach walks. Because of her love for the beach, if she could live anywhere in the world it would be Big Sur California because of the beautiful view of the mountains and the beauty of the beach. She is always kept on her toes with her Jack Russell named Roxie who has a bunch of energy and loves to explore. Her compassion for others and her love for her job lets her enjoy what she does.


  • Ed Carr and student Robert Jones for representing LWTC at CTE on the Hill
  • Rick Ponton and Peter DiMaria for a successful Gamer's Night activity
  • Stephanie Scott for hosting Parkside Elementary School 5th grade teachers, assistant principal and Principal, Mrs. Stewart into her classroom to show off Math 360 in action. It was a part of Instructional Rounds at Parkside and they wanted to branch out to see best practices outside of PSE.
  • Bob Waller and Debra Young for greeting and touring (18) 8th grade students who are interested in attending LWTHS/LWTC. It was part of a PBS competition through ENMS teacher, Julie Abalos, to reward students for excellent academics, attendance, and behavior. We will have a 2nd group come through in March!
  • Chef Geri and the culinary department for putting smiles on the faces of the ENMS students. One young lady commented that it was way better than Olive Garden! Thank you for always going above and beyond for our guests that we host.
  • Olivia Ralston for organizing the tour schedule and lunch for the ENMS students.
  • Joann Cassio, Tara Barr, Dave Gabriel and Anne Genovese for helping our school's acceleration participation by going through the MOS, QuickBooks and/or Photoshop certification courses. Our students will now have multiple opportunities to earn industry certifications.
  • Tonya Solt for the news that her third evening Massage Therapy student achieved certification and licensure in FL.
  • Neil Fehr for sponsoring two-(4) student teams for the Moody's Mega Math Challenge which will take place on 2/27 and 2/28.
  • Congratulations to Stephanie Scott, Coach Mo, Maryann O'Brien, Juan Romero, Rose Whippo, Dawn Peck, Holly Rodgers & Joann Cassio for submitting their attendance on time during the 2/8-2/12 time period.

Happy Birthday

17 - Donna Huprich

20 - Carolyn Casserly

Upcoming Staff Meetings and Trainings

Upcoming Student Events

  • 2/8-2/26, Hot Cocoa (sugar free) sale, 6:45-7:05, in front of HS Courtyard, Mrs. Cassio
  • 2/16-2/26 Game Tank Ticket Sales, 10:15-11:15, in Mustang Alley, Game will take place at Naples High School at 2:30pm, Mrs. Stout
  • 2/23, Culinary field trip Kitchen 41@Harvest B Farms, Chef Abdo
  • 2/25 Entrepreneur/Marketing field trip, Naples Accelerator, Mrs. Stout
  • 2/25 Student Services Orientation for 10th grade ESE & 504 students, Mrs. Lang/Ms. Bedrava