A Series of Unfortunate Events

By: Lemony Snicket

Book Review

These thirteen to fourteen books are absolute page turners. Each book leaves you crying to find out what cruel thing happens next in the Baudelaire's lives. This series is the best mystery, suspense, and fictional book that is semi-relatable and is so vivid in the text that it is like taking a seat in your mind and watching it played out in your personalized home theater.
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For a long time the Baudelaires have felt as if their lives were a damaged Frisbee, toss from person to person and from place to place without ever really being appreciated or fitting in. (Pg. 65)
The water cycle, to review, consists of three key phenomena- evaporation, precipitation, and collection- which are all equally boring and thus equally less upsetting then what happened to the Baudelaires when Violet opened the hatch and the icy, dark waters of the sea rushed into the passageway. (Pg. 124)
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"Not quite," Klaus said. "We'll still have to return to the Queequeg- against the current, I might add. Looking for the sugar bowl is only half the battle." Everyone nodded in agreement, and the four volunteers spread out and began to examine the objects in the sand. Saying that something is half the battle is like saying something is half a sandwich, because it is dangerous to announce that something is half the battle when the much more difficult part might still be waiting in the wings, a phrase which here means "coming up more quickly than you'd like." (Pg. 133)