Save The Trail !

Nithya V

So awesome!

This is the Brushy Creek Trail ! It has so many great activity's and is a great outdoor space. See !


Part of the trail will be gone.

2.5 miles of the trail will be destroyed and it will look UGLY, GROSS and ,BLEH! People were hoping to connect the routes and make it a LONG trail but the transition lines would have to cut through that.You could still walk the entire trail but you would have take a detour and go on the street with cars. If there were little kids with you, it would be a very dangerous trip to the other side. It would also be harder to go to the other side. Not everyone knows how to navigate the route.It's just a bad idea altogether.

The Facts

~10 towers are going to be put along the proposed trail route. 10 towers / 2.5 miles

* The measuring tool I am using is Meghanasri *

~They are going to clear about the same amount of land as 2933 Meghanasri's.

(1 Meghanasri = 54 inches).

158400 inches ( 2.5 miles ) divided by 54 inches ( one Meghanasri ) = about 2933

158,400/ m = 2933

m = 54

~ The entire connected trail is 15 miles or 17600 Meghanasri's.

950400 inches ( 15 miles ) divided by 54 inches ( one Meghanasri ) = about 17600

950400/ m = 17600

m = 54

~ 13,200 x 100 = a

a = 1,320,000

Vegetation Loss = 1,320,000 sq. ft.

~Height of the towers

1680 in divided by 54 ( 1 Meghanasri ) = about 31

1680 / 54 = h

h = 31

My Route

  • I think they should put the transition lines on Ronald Reagan Blvd, 1431,then on 35. I think it is the best route because it is away from houses and the trail. It will save the trail and it will also make sure the front lawns of houses aren't bare and ugly.

** I think Ronald Reagan Blvd, 1431,then on 35 is the best route **

  • Length of my route (miles) - About 14.3 miles

(I couldn't get the route to show up on the picture but I know what my route is.)

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More info on the transition lines

Jollyville Plateau Salamander