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"Launching the Next Generation of Lifetime Learners"

There's one more week to look out for some silly little alert!

Week at a Glance:

December 14:

Intervention Monday

FES BT Meeting- 2:45

SPED Meeting- 3:00

5th Grade one-to-one training- 3:30 at CO (Mrs. Reed is also attending)

December 15:

PLC Tuesday

Holiday Meal

Last Golf Squad Day (Really, this time!)


12 Days of Christmas Practice with Mrs. Lewis- 3:00

December 16:

General Principal's Meeting

CHAPS- 8:00

December 17:

ACRHS Band Performs in Gym for entire school (we will call you to the gym directly after announcements- please be ready to move quickly so we can start on time)- 8:15

Winter Parties:

2nd- 1:30

3rd- 11:45

4th- 12:15

5th- 12:45

December 18:

No Launch

Holiday Sing-a-long- 8:45-9:45

Free Jeans Day! All staff are encouraged to dress as "elfy" as you would like today!

11:00-11:30- ACRHS Strings performs in theater for Kindergarten (specialists please bring them), 1st grade, and 4th grade. (3rd grade is welcome to come after lunch if they would like)

Winter Parties:

Kindergarten- 1:15

1st- 1:00

December 21:


8 Hour Instructional Assistants May work 4 hours today

2nd Grade Gingerbread Open House a HUGE Success!

Growth Mindset, Part 3 (from Amanda Herbert)

As a conclusion to the information shared recently about Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets, I would like to suggest a video of a Ted Talk by Eduardo Briceno. There are three main points that come up (along with other interesting information):

1) Recognize and remember that the concept of a growth mindset is not just beneficial but its effectiveness is supported by science.

2) Learn and teach others (our students!!!) how to develop their abilities and strengths. Pass on the conviction that we are in charge of this with our practice and effort.

3) Listen to our fixed mindset voice and talk back to it with a growth mindset - 'I can't do it...YET'. (Remind students of this!)

Below is the link to the video:

News You Can Use:

Have a wonderful and restful Holiday break with family and friends!
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