Exothermic'n'Endothermic reactions

By antoni b

Exothermic reactions

Exothermic reactions are reactions that give off heat of May even be explosive. The chemical equation for exothermic reactions is: reactants = products+ energy. Examples of exothermic reactions are:

-hand Warmers

-heat patches

-self-heating cans.

Hand warmers.

Hand warmers are made of the following:

Iron Fe

Cellulose C6H10O5

Activated carbon C

Water H2O

Polypropylene sack C3H6

Salt NaC

lVermiculite (MgFeAl)3(AlSi)4O10(OH)24H2O

The Iron reacts with oxygen in the air and releases the reaction!

Cool Science HandWarmers

Self heating cans

In self heating cans Calcium oxide is used in the following reaction:CaO+ H2O → Ca(OH)2Other chemicals like copper sulphate and zinc can be also used to heat the can.
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Endothermic reactions

Endothermic reactions are the complete opposite of exothermic reactions. Endothermic reactions cool things down ( absorbs the heat ). examples of endothermic reactions are:




Ice packs contain mostly water and ammonium chloride. There is a barrier between the two compounds and when you crack an ice pack, the barrier brakes allowing the compounds to mix. This reaction absorbs energy.
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Melting Ice

Melting ice is also an endothermic reaction as it most absorb energy to undergo the phase change!!!
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