James Van Der Zee

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James Van Der Zee was a photographer, and known for his posed pictures about African-American citizenry. James Van Der Zee was born in June 29, 1886 in a family of six. While in high school he started to do photography. When it hit the 1920s - 1930s James was taking photos of thousands of African - Americans, and labeling them because he thinks it will come to use in the future. James soon got evicted due to financial problems moving to new York. In 1976 his second wife Greenlee died, and Donna Mussenden help him clear up space and etc. Donna and James soon got married in 1978. 1981 James files a suit to recover photos from a museum, and shortly after he got rewarded from President Jimmy Carter. James died of an heart attack may 15, 1983 at the age of 96.

Major Contributions

He took photos of the Harlem Renaissance, Celebrity's, middle-class, and etc.

He witness it all and dated when the photos where shot proving it was at that specific time.