Do You Love To Read? Tell Us More!

Join our poster contest, sponsored by CB Cares

April's Asset: Reading for Pleasure

Why do you read? Where do you read? What do you read? Let's celebrate our love of reading. Create a poster telling us why reading is important to you. We'll pick a winner, based on creativity and artwork, for each grade. Winners will receive a gift card for more books! Pick up your paper for the poster from Mrs. Free in the library.

Contest Details

1. Pick up paper from Mrs. Free in the library. One per customer, please (so do a rough draft first!)

2. Create a poster telling us about what reading means to you. Be creative!

3. Turn your completed poster in to Mrs. Free by April 30th.

4. We'll announce the winners in May.

5. The winner for each grade will join us at the final Boomerang Breakfast on June 13th.

6. Winners will receive a gift card to buy a new book or two!

7. Winning posters will be framed and displayed throughout the school.

Thanks, CB Cares!

April's Asset is #25, Reading for Pleasure. Young person reads for pleasure most days of the week, either alone, with family members or with friends.

A big thank you to CB Cares for sponsoring this contest and helping each of us remember what we love about reading! To learn more about CB Cares and the 40 Assets, please visit their website at