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Become my Mystery Host!

It Could Be You

Who doesn't love a mystery? Every Guest who makes a purchase during this event will be entered to become my Mystery Host and receive ALL of the Hostess Rewards!! Rewards will be based on sales of this event. The Mystery Host will also receive the Silent Night Stocking.

Enter by clicking on "Get Tickets" or follow this link:

Event ends Monday, November 18th

Hostess Rewards

Guest Sales = # of half price items you can purchase, plus reward credits.
$100-$249 – 1 item
$250-$399 10% of sales ($25-$29)+ 1 item
$400-$499 15% of sales ($60-$74)+ 2 items
$500-$799 15% of sales ($75-$119)+ 2 items
$800+ 15% of sales ($120+) + 3 items

You will also have the ability to purchase special items for fantabulous prices!!

For each guest who books an online E-Party, you will receive an additional item at 1/2 off!!

Mystery Host Special Gift

Along with all of the rewards for being the Mystery Host, you will also receive this beautiful Silent Night Christmas Stocking!

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