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1. Home Office Furniture with Solar Panels

These solar panels do the same thing as ones on your roof would but they are insde on your desk. They are healthier because they use the sun's energy to make electricity. They provide electricty for your computer, printer, lights, and other devices in your office.
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2. Recycled Printer Paper

This paper is better for the environment because it is made with wind power and 100% recycled materials. Plus it is helping save trees. It can be used for printers or scratch paper and works just as well as any other paper only neing healthier for the environment.
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3. Recycled Desk Acessories

Again these are just like regular desk accesories but better for the environment because they have been made from recyled material and are biodegradable. Plus if they get broken they can be re-recycled and won't just sit in a dump yard.
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