Annie Leibovitz

Kate Upton 100th Anniversary of Vanity Fair

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About the Photo

Annie Leibovitz was trying to recreate Vanity Fairs' first ever cover. Although the cover photo is simply Kate Upton extinguishing a candle to celebrate Vanity Fairs' birthday. This photo is famous because it was celebrating one hundred years of the magazine, also Annie Leibovitz has been a photographer for Vanity Fair for years. She photographed Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore, and many other celebrities. This photo was taken in a studio with very specific makeup, lighting, and costume.

My Opinion About the Photo

I think the portrait is a great idea to celebrate the birthday of Vanity Fair, it is unique that they decided to remake a more modern version of the first photo. I think the fact that Kate Upton is wearing so little in an environment where she doesn't need to be is unique. I would honestly have her where something more appropriate for the occasion instead of what she is, but that's just me. The personality was caught in the photo of the girl and the moon compared to Kate Uptons' it is more modern.

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