Learning Division

By: Aaron Caoili


1.set your division house and insert the numbers.

2. the number outside the house is the divisor and inside your house is your dividend

3.If you are using a decimal move it up so there is one on top of the house

4.see how many times your divisor goes into the first number of the dividend if your dividend is still bigger than see how many times it goes into the whole dividend dividend.

5. once you find that out put it on top of the first number. Unless you had to use your dividend then you would put it above your second number.


7. if you subtract and you don't get a zero then on top put r then your difference(r stands for remainder)

8.Now you have to check multiply your divisor by your qoutient (your qoutient is the answere to a division problem) don't forget to add your remainder.

9. if you multiplied correctly you would get your dividend and if you multiplied with a decimal bring your decimal down

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