Gun Control Laws

Are they being enforced?

Today's Gun Laws

The gun laws haven't grown stricter but the demand for these better gun laws grow. In 2013 a poll was taken that said 52% of the people want stricter gun laws. A different poll was taken in January that came out as 58% wanted stronger gun laws and 5% wanted the laws loosened.

Now even though this poll was taken 2 years ago it plays a big part I showing had more than half of the community wants a change. Gun laws are in the midst of change. The debates continue to grow. People that worked with guns and felt that the laws were fine have now changed their mind.

My Thoughts on the Laws

After doing my research about the gun laws and how theys are being enforced I believe that there could be more done. Maybe getting a way to make sure background checks are telling the truth word-for-word. Having an eduction on uses for the rifles that are fully automatic. Making sure guns aren't to access of anyone under a responsible age.