Old Floyd

Hurricane Floyd of 1999


Hello today we are going to start with the topic hurricanes. Hurricanes are very deadly and causes alot of damage and deaths. Millions of people suffer because they lose thier homes or even lose mom, dad or children.

The history of naming hurricanes started about 1950 to 1952. They were named by phonetic alphabet. In 1953 the U.S. weather Bureau switched it to women's names. Now they are named by a meteorological organization which uses the part of the world the hurricanes happens to help name it. Near the U.S. only women's names were used until 1979. They alternate using male and women names. That is the history of naming hurricanes.

Another way to identify different hurricanes is by their wind speed and pressure. Category 1 wind speed 74-94, category 2 wind speed 96-110, category 3 wind speed 111-130, category 4 wind speed 131-155 and last is the the hard core category 5 wind speed of 155. They categorize hurricanes as Saffir-Simpson hurricanes scale.

A very strong hurricane that has been identified is hurricane Floyd. Hurricane Floyd formed September 7, 1999. Hurricane Floyd hit land September 19, 1999. It was category 2 when it hit landfall. Floyd's wind speed was 120 mph. Hurricane Floyd hit landfall at a North-North direction and moved eastward along the coast of the mid-Atlantic to New England and that's were the storm became extra tropical.

As hurricane Floyd gained strength, the storm became deadly. Sadly, there were 56 deaths from hurricane Floyd. Their was $3 to 6 billion dollar in damage. It rain for 2 weeks in the united states due to the influence of this hurricane. The rainfall was 10 inches in the united states. There was only one reported death in the Bahamas but this hurricanes was labeled in the highest category in the area.

So thanks for reading the news paper today. I hope you learned something. So if you ever hear the name old Floyd know to run. Bye i will see you next week.