Jill Tarter

Jill Tarter is an astronomer who searches for extraterrestrial life forms. She graduated from Cornell University in New York and University of California in Berkeley. SETI is the alien search program Jill is in charge of. Since SETI is failing into finding any alien life forms with their current technology, Jill resigned so that her salary she earns would help the organization.

Jill Tarter, the director of SETI, has been searching for 35 years for alien life. She uses giant radio telescopes to scan space for signals from alien species. Unfortunately, she hasn't found any signal yet. When Jill was young she would walk along the beach with her father and look up at the skies. She says, " I assumed, at that time, that along some beach on some planet, there would be a small creature walking with its dad and they would see our sun in their sky, and they might wonder whether there was anyone out there. Jill at a young age showed connections to her life long vocation.

In graduate school, Jill Tarter worked on a project designed to search radio frequencies for clues about extraterrestrial life forms. The project, known as SERENDIP, was part of the Search for Aliens based at the University of California, Berkeley. She got really interested in it and has devoted her life to the search for alien life. Jill Tarter's projects annual salary is $2 million a year. Jill Tarter has spent 35 years in the quest for extraterrestrial life and announced her retirement in 2012.