Looking back at 2015


3 Best Marketing Companies

Papa John's

In Papa John’s commercials, they use professional football players to attract customers. The way they market their pizza is the same way Nike marketed their products by using Michael Jordan. People want to be like Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning so their products have probably been selling well.

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In the Tostitos commercial, they present their product as a snack during a football game. This commercial is effective because it will give people an idea to eat Tostitos chips during games.
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Pepsi presents the half time show for the super bowl every year. By reminding people of their company during one of the most watched event in America, people will want to buy their product because the super bowl is the most important football game.
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Two of the best Products in 2015

Fit bit's Charge HR

This product has helped many keep track of their physical health. The Charge HR is the best physical tracker according to customers and is on point when it comes to the user's physical statistics.
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Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a great tool when it comes to management and it also serves as a great utility. This product has been advertised everywhere and has also been used by quite a few celebrities on television which helps sell well.
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2 Worst Products of 2015

Gun Shaped Phone Case

Creating a product like this in a time where gun violence is at large is a very bad idea. This product could be offensive to many which means that it will not sell well.
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Chicken Leash

Not a lot of people need a chicken leash. People now a days don't have problems with their chickens running loose. Besides, chickens should be in kept in fens, a place where they can't escape.
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Top 2 movies of 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The last star wars was made almost a decade ago. Playing that beginning intro that everyone loves during a commercial makes people feel happy and excited. Many companies have advertised star wars in their commercials because they know a lot of people love star wars.
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Mad Max

The movie Mad Max advertised their movie very well. It was a remake but the trailer made the movie look new and fresh. The excitement and the rush the trailer gave the viewer really made it a need to see movie. The movie was advertised almost every time I watched television. Unlike the older Mad Max which didn't have a story, the recent Mad Max movie trailer implemented dialogue which told the viewers that it would have a story unlike the old movie.
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Top Two Musical Artists of 2015


Drake's last album was released in 2013. Drake knowing he has a lot of fans has teased his album on most his social media. He has been hyping his new album for a few months now and has advertised it well in the past few months.
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The Weeknd

The Weeknd has had some great hits in 2015. He marketed himself well by appearing in one of the beats by dre commercials. With his songs already being popular, he attracted more listeners and made a lot more with his biggest hits.
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Top 10 List

Top Food Chains

1. Chik-fil-A

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill

3. Panera Bread

4. Papa John's

5. Pizza Hut

New Years Resolution


My new years resolution is to become a nicer driver. On the road I'm always trying the be the king, which is very dangerous. I need to be a safer driver if I want to make sure that I don't get into any fatal accidents.