Tour your way through the Canadian Provinces.

Canadian Geography

The physical geography of Canada varies greatly, ranging from tall mountain ranges to rolling plains. People work different types of jobs and engage in different types of recreational activities based on the physical geography in their region.

Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2

Canadian Provinces-Location

Practice the labeling of the Canadian provinces on the quiz below.



You will be investigating these categories for the province assigned to you. Display on your map images and text that convey the information you learned from the following topics. Your finished project will be a tour through that province highlighting these areas on your map. We will be using a Google Map tour to showcase our work.

* Location: Where is your Province?

* Physical Characteristics: land forms, bodies of water, natural resources, animal life and vegetation

* Human Characteristics: culture, subcultures, religion, population, ethnicity,

manufactured goods

* Human Environmental Interaction: recreation & tourist attractions

Google Earth

This is a video tutorial to help us navigate Google Map tours.

Canadian Government

Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the Canadian Government with the US Government.

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HATCHET by Gary Paulsen

Literature section of notebook

1. As you listen, list examples of Canadian wilderness.

2. What are some of the examples Brian is doing to adapt to his environment?

3. Why is it important for Brian to create fire? What task and goals would fire help him to do?

4. How would fire make Brian's time in the wilderness different?

5. One feeling Brian had after he created the fire was pride. What else might he have felt?