Water Cycle

By: Brandon Dominguez


Whenever it has rained the water is in ground and if there is dirt it will get soaked in.


Evaporation is when the water is in the ground and then the heat of the sun makes the water turn to a gas.


Precipitation is when it has rained and there is not only one kind of precipitation.They're sleet, hail, snow .


Condensation is when it is in the cloud. It may be different because it may not be always be water. It can also be made by volcanic steam.
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Water cycle is everywhere

There is no place where there is no water cycle. Even in deserts they have a water cycle but it doesn't happen as fast as other places since it is very hot.
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Run off

A run off is when the water is moving and it can be in anything but in concrete it would be better than in the grass since it is going to soak in.
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Never ends

The water cycle will never end because of the sun. Every time there is water, the sun will make it evaporate and then there will be precipitation. Later the water will get back where it was or in another place and later the water cycle will continue again.