Chief Cornplanter


Chief Cornplanter

Also know as, gyantwachia- "the planter" or as kaintwakon-"By What Ones Plants"


Chief Cornplanter was the leader of the seneca tribe witch was part of the Iroquois nations

The first war Chife of the Senecas

Douring the Freanch and Indian war the were allied with the French, and in the Revolutionary war Chife Cornplanter beleived in staying out of the white mans war.

After war

He become a diplomatic for the disputes between the Americans and the Seneca people as well as other indigenous tribes.


Chife Cornplanter was impressed by the Quakes beliefs and practice. Invited them to educate his son and to develop schools in the Senecas territory.

War of 1812

Chife Cornplanter supported the Americans and he tryed to get his people to do as well. At one point douring the war he offered to bring two hundred warriors to assist the Americans, but his offer was refused.