Hunter's Funny Poem's

By: Hunter W.

Hunters Wiered Poem-couplet

My finger was so dry,

I thought Iwas going to die.

Isaw a cat that had a hat,

it looked like it was so fat.

I saw a frog that sat on a log,

It was so fat it looked a dog.

A Dog That Sat on a Frog-limerick

Theres was a dog who sat on a frog,

the frog ran under the dog into a log.

Then the dog started to jog,

then never saw the frog.

Then the after he saw the frog,

the frog started to jog then ran into a hog.

Then the hog ran into the dog,

then the frog the dog run into a log.

After that the dog got up and said,

what a cute hog then whent for a jog.

After School On Fridays-Simile and Metaphors

On friday after school I go home to my dads.

Then if my cousin and uncle can hangout,

they come over and we play football.

When we start to play football

my dads a gorila and I am a twig.

When he tackles me it's like a twig getting,

stepped on and Im that twig.

A Sad Poem-Haiku

I was very sad so,

my brain is filled with many tear's,

so I almost fell.

My Alliteration Poem

I ran in to a iglue,

then I almost got bit by an iguana,

that started eating ice cream,

I like it when I the moveie,

Ironman in the theaters,

ice is cold like iglues in the winter.

Personification Poem

The hot fire was like,

a boiling shower.

My lovely dreams guide,

me through the night skys.

Water reminds me of,

the great blue sea.

It's almost like the the,

stares in the dark sky listen to me.

fire follows me through the,

night as I sleep.

It's almost like the moon and the,

sun like to dance at night.

Powdered Brownie's-Imagery Poem

My brownie was so gooy,

they make me think of my,

dog named glooy.

My brownies are so yummy,

they make me think of a guy,

named chummy.

A dog came up to me and said,

rub my tummy then bit,

my hand and said how yummy.

Then as I started gazing I then took a,

bite and said how amazing.

Then as I started getting powder,

I then noticed my voice getting louder.

Then when the brownies were so warm,

I thought I saw a storm.