Coding K-1

MP2 Week 10

Next Mission!

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We will be using Code Studio to practice writing computer programs using loops!

Getting Started: Step 1

  • Click the link below to get started!
  • You will need to create a username and password!
  • Make sure your write it down!
Click Here to go to Code Studio!

You will need to create your own username and password. Please write it down! You must click this link to go to our class page! Do not go to!

All Set to Get Loopy!

  • Work through each step
  • You can stop and your progress will be saved!
  • Will we not be having chat next week due to Martin Luther King day, so you should have plenty of time to complete all 14 steps!

What to submit in Moodle!

Please type in the Moodle submission box:
  • You completed Maze Loops
  • Whether or not you liked using Code Studio!
  • Whether it was too hard, too easy, or just right!

*Due date 1/24/16!

Ipads are here!

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Please sign up to receive an iPad!

Parents, to sign-up to receive your student's iPAD you must go to your parent email account and follow the steps listed in the introductory letter. If you are a parent of a K-5 student and you did not receive the iPALCS email to sign up for an iPAD please follow these steps:

1. Go to our IPAD Resource Center:

2. Click on the tab "FORMS"

3. Under #1: Follow the directions for updating your parent email address on this page.

4. Under #2: Submit a request to receive the DPA form..

If you have any questions you may also submit them on the "FORMS" page on the website or call 1-877-725-2785.

I would like to begin using Scratch Jr. soon, so please sign-up today!

See you in cyberspace!