SIG at XXXX #1

Week 1, Monday

Welcome One and All!

We are excited for another SIG session here at xxxxxx. It was great to meet many of you, your families, and most importantly, the SIG students yesterday for registration day. The next three weeks at SIG will be a life-changing experience for all of our students.

Over the next three weeks, we will be sending you newsletters to highlight different activities, courses, and explorations happening here at xxxx.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or even just to see how your student is doing!

Summer Institute for the Gifted at XXXXXXXXX

Office: OM or Program Staff Name, Email Address and phone number

Director – SAD Name, Email Address and phone number

Academic Dean – SAD Name, Email Address and phone number

Residential Life Dean – SAD Name, Email Address and phone number

Student Activities Dean – SAD Name, Email Address and phone number

Nurse: Nurse Name, Email Address and phone number

Meet Your SIG at XXXX Site Administration Team

Our First Day!

The first day was filled with excitement and wonder as the students met new friends and started their SIG courses. Students began to discuss topics related to their classes: Chemistry, Fitness, Algebra, Writing the Future, Philosophy, and much more. During the evening, students created banners to represent their counselor groups.

The elementary, middle, and junior students attended their first academic tutorial, while the seniors were granted a sneak peek at "senior privileges." The night ended with the students settling into the daily routine.

Dates to Remember!

Date and Time: Student Talent Show


Date and Time: Academic Showcase

Date and Time: Closing Ceremony


Date: Final day for Residential Students. All students MUST leave campus by 12:00pm - no exceptions.

Reminders for Commuter Parents

We hope the first day of academic courses, including the drop off and pick off routine, went smoothly for you and your student.

Please Remember xxxx am-xxx am is the drop off time and xxxx pm is the pick up time for regular commuters at xxxx. At the end of the day, please allow the staff 5 to 7 minutes to escort the students from their respective recreation hour choices to the drop off location.

Extended commuters will sign out in the SIG office at xxx pm to xxx pm. (If your policy is different - make modifications) If a commuter student is leaving earlier than his or her scheduled time, please inform the staff in the morning or contact our office.

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