The Vikings

Abby and Zoe

Where Did The Vikings Come From?

The Vikings came from Scandinavia. Scandinavia includes: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They raided, traded, and settled in many lands. Some of the places they raided were thousands of miles away.

Why Did The Vikings Come To America ?

The Vikings came to America for many reasons. The Viking's crops would not grow in Scandinavian countries. There were lots of mountains. The good farmland was in America. They were running out of farmland. Brave explorers found new lands to settle in.

Why Did The Viking Age End?

Viking Age came to an end about 900 years ago. Vikings believed that the dead sailed to the next life in a long ship. Rich Vikings were buried in real long ships. Poor people were buried in graves.
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Viking Ships

When the Vikings sailed, it was fast, easy ,and safe. Almost every Viking man knew how to sail a long ship.The most famous long ship was built for war. The Vikings ships were the best in Europe. They could move and turn more quickly than any others.

Viking Families

Vikings loved their families.Their families were the most important things to them. Women ran the households. Viking children did not go to school. Boys and girls learned to fight and do chores.
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