Hillary Clinton

Asmita Adhikari


Born- October 26 1947 in Chicago
Hugh Ellsworth Rodham was her father and Dorthy Howell was her mother
She had 2 bothers: Hugh and Tony
She went to Yale Law School and got a JD
She was the first Lady of Arkansas Form 1979-1981
First lady of US from 1993-2001
Secretary of State from 2009-2013
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Life Influances- People

President Barack Obama- They had a very strong professional relationship and while they didn't always agree with each other, they did respect each other. She worked with him on foreign policies as his secretary of state and as a US diplomat.
Bill Clinton- Her husband, they talked about many things when she was the Secretary of state such as weather or not she should take the job.

Life Influances- Upbringing

She grew up in a suburb of Chicago where one could have expose to diverse communities and people of different lifestyles. She was born into a Methodist Family and participated in sports. Her father went into the US navy and served in World war 2. Both of her parents preached that a girl can do anything and that her gender should not limit her.

Motivation: Parents, upbringing and Nixon Election


"There is no such thing as other peoples children"
"Women's rights are human's rights"
"I am a progressive, but I am a progressive who likes to get things done"
"My mother and my grandmothers could never have lived my life; my father and my grandfathers could never have imagined it. But they bestowed on me the promise of America, which made my life and my choices possible."


There's a better way to get rid of the alcohol than by drinking it-Gilded age

Political cartoon explaination

The United states is a whaling baby, unsatisfied by men trying to control it, its screaming and crying, only a women can put make her sleep and not complain.