Hero and the Journey

Author and contributor: Jayna Ennis



- leave family/ land and go live with others

- event leads to adventure or quest

- save person/people

- the Hero’s Journey

- has help


- destroys things

- goes against the hero

The Girl:

- falls in love with the hero or vice versa

Harry Potter: A Hero

Harry displays many heroic characteristics.

For example:

When Harry is one, he must leave his parents and go to his aunt and uncles house

Harry’s birthday leads to his finding out that he is a wizard and must defeat Voldemort

Harry must save the wizarding world

Harry’s many friends and professors help him.

A Hero's Journey: Harry Potter

  • Status Quo: Harry is living at his Aunt and Uncle’s house

  • Call to Adventure: Hagrid comes and gives Harry his Hogwarts letter

  • Assistance: Hagrid helps Harry get ready to go to Hogwarts

  • Departure: Harry gets on the train to go to Hogwarts

  • Trials: On Halloween a troll gets in the castle and Harry helps defeat it; in Harry’s first Quidditch game, Quirrell jinxes Harry’s broom; while serving detention, Harry sees Voldemort’s spirit drinking unicorn blood.

  • Approach: Harry gets ready to save the Stone and face Voldemort

  • Crisis: Harry has to save the Sorcerer’s Stone, and face Voldemort

  • Treasure: Harry stops Voldemort
  • Result: The Wizarding World is safe for another year; Harry is injured, and put in the Hospital Wing
  • Return: Harry goes back to his classes and exams
  • New Life: Harry is safe from Voldemort for another year
  • Resolution: the school year at Hogwarts ends
  • Status Quo: Harry returns to his aunt and uncles house