symbolosim in Walk Two Moons

by: Jaden Dow


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two moons is about Sal. Sal is a 13 year old girl who is driving with her Grandparents to Lewiston Idaho to see her mom's grave. While her Grandparents are driving, she tells the story of Phoebe Winterbottom, her missing mother and the lunatic.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses Symbolosim to who a connection between Sal and something and/or someone, or even figuring out who she is


One symbol that comes up a lot in Walk Two Moons is blackberries. The first time that blackberries comes up is when Sal is eating blackberry pie and she remembers when she used to pick blackberries with her mother"I walked around the rims of the fields and pastures in Bybanks, picking blackberries. We did not pick from the bottom of the vine or from the top. The ones one the bottom were for the rabbits, my mother said and the ones at the top were for the birds. the ones at people hight were for people"(Creech 32-33). Again it comes up but when she kisses Ben for the first time and he mentions if it tasted like blackberries."Ben touched his lips."Did it taste a little like blackberries to you? he said"' (Creech 238) Blackberries symbolizes a loving connection towards Sal and ben and Sal and her Mother. sal and her mother had been really close. When Sal her that her mother wasn't coming she would not believe it. "How can she not come back to me? She loves me."(Creech 134)


Another Symbol that shows up is Walk Two Moons is hair. Before Sal's mom left she cut her long black hair. Her dad did not like it for the went to Sal and told her not to cut her long black hair."Don't cut yours, Sal. Plaese don't cut yours" (Creech 92) Almost the same thing happened with Mrs. inter bottom. When Mrs.Winterbottom came back her hair had been cut to her shoulders."Mrs.Winterbottom looked different. Her hair was not only short but also quite stylish"(Creech 245) Hair represents identity. When Sal's mom left she left so she could go clear her head. "She said she had to leave in order to clear her head and to clear her heart of all the bad things. She needed to learn about what she was"(Creech 109-110). Befor Phoebe's mom left she dressed really plain and did not wear any make-up. Before she left she was also quite solemn. When she came back she was stylish and more happy, she was her true self. "Mrs. Winterbottom looked different. Her hair was not only short but stylish. She was wearing lipstick,mascara and a little blush on her checks, and her cloths were all put together unlike anything I have ever seen her in: a whit T-shirt, blue jeans, and flat black shoes. dangling from her ears were thin silver hoops. She looked magnificent, but she did not look like Phoebe's mother" (Creech 245-246) She came back looking like her true self and she didn't hide who she really was