Earth Science Weekly

Mrs. Wilkinson

Week of May 2-6

Monday: Research the 4 types of nonrenewable energy resources
Tuesday: Cons of Fossil Fuels/Oil Spill Lab

Wednesday: Oil Spill Lab/Renewable vs. Nonrenewable/Spill-A-Bean Lab

Thursday: Renewable Resource Newspaper Project

Friday: Renewable Resource Newspaper Project

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Fossils Casts vs. Fossil Molds

This week, as we wrapped up our unit on Earth's History, we looked at the different types of fossils and how fossils can help geologists date layers of rock. One of the activities the students did was to try and assemble a pile of bones into the original organism. There were some very creative species that they invented!

To help students distinguish between a fossil mold and a fossil cast, we made them! Students first took an object and created an imprint in a piece of clay, a fossil mold. Then, they took Plaster of Paris to create a fossil cast. The following day, students removed their casts and tried to see if the pieces could be glued back together to make an entire 3-D replica of their original object.

Block #1 Fossil Making

Block #2 Fossil Making


All students were given the opportunity to write their own test as the unit assessment for Earth's History. Although, for the Honors Classes, the assignment was required.

On Friday, the students came to class and administered their test to an anonymous friend for evaluation and immediate feedback. (It looks like some of the students may have teaching in their future!)

Overall, the feedback that I received from the students regarding this type of assessment was that they really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and the freedom to choose their own questions.

Even better, when I administered my post-test that measures student understanding, most students saw a jump of 50-70% from their pre-test to post-test scores! Great job!

Block #4 Energy Scavenger Hunt

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