Resturant Interior Designer

Neva Mariconda

Education required

2-4 years of professional design school or collage. Must be certified and licensed.

Wages- 58,900 yearly ....... Things you need to know:




What they do...

Plan and execute the styles and feel of resturant

Things they need to be able to do...

Add color and spazz to any space, also form to infulence consumers to come back and eat again

College you attend:

Name: The Arts Instutite of VA.

Location: Towncenter, VA

Mascot: N|A

Admission Requirements: Sat verbal score 570+, Writing 565+, and Math 560+

Tuition cost: $90,893

Website Source: www.visit.artinstutite,edu

Professional Association...

Name: American society of Interior Design

Why?: seems Professional, and one of few commerical programs

Website source: