Dieting during pregnancy?

Is it harmful to the unborn foetus?

Is it safe?

Dieting during pregnancy can be very dangerous to both you and your unborn baby as it does lower your nutrient intake and you are basically "eating for two" It is very natural during pregnancy to swell up and bloat. This is why many women feel the need to loose weight, but as i said, it is not a healthy way of getting rid of bloating and swelling and excess weight.


Just a few!

~ You should gain 20 to 25 pounds during pregnancy

~ Eating nutritional foods that provide protein, iron, calcium and vitamins are best for the baby

~ Avoid or minimize drugs like caffeine, and especially alcohol and nicotine as it could harm the child.

Meal plans and a few suggestions

One of the most common mistakes that most women who want to loose weight during pregnancy make is choosing dieting over excersize. The best way to stay healthy during pregnancy is doing excersize. By excersize I mean anything from a half an hour walk in the morning to a quick dip in the local swimming pool. There are many activities out there that specialize in helping pregnant women stay healthy and fit, for example baby arobics class! Meal plans are quite a good way of making sure you dont give in to those mid pregnancy cravings. Obviously you do not have to be on a strict meal plan because there are those times where you do have to have a little snack! There are many ways you can stay healthy during pregnancy but dieting is not one of them.