"Remember the Titans"

By: Edgar Chairez


Real Name: Denzel Washington

Character's Name: Coach Herman Boone


In the movie "Remember the Titans", Coach Herman Boone had a very tough personality. In a way that gives hope to the people surrounding him. Which in this case are the team Titans. Although he can seem scary or mean, Coach Herman Boone can be a good family loving person.

Type of Channels

Coach Herman Boone wasn't a coward. In this movie he was a very face to face man.

Change in Communication and Relationships

In the beginning of this movie, it was mostly the white people that did not respect Coach Herman Boone. The reason of this was because of his skin color. As time went by the white male football players had gotten to respect Coach Herman Boone and their fellow black male friends. In the end the white folks of the city realized what men of different colored skin can achieve together.

Era in History

This movie represents a time around the 1970's. It represents how black and whites did not get along. It was a time when black's were given more choices,more freedom. White's and black's school were being integrated,which meant athletes being forced to be in the same team even when being of different color skin.

Effect of Intergration

Now in the case of Coach Herman Boone, integration has little effect. What he cared about most was making a football team whether they were white or black. The only effect that it had on him was that other people that were white didn't really like the idea on him taking over for head coach, because he was a different color skin. In the end though as we all know people's opinion about him did change.

How Communication Helped

Communication helped Coach Herman Boone by helping express a message, a message that could live on for generations. He expressed how it doesn't matter what color your skin is' it's that motivation and dedication you have to reach your goal. With his communication he was able to change the thinking of these player and later on the thinking of the white people too.

Communication to Help Others

Basically this is the same explanation as the last question. Coach Herman Boone had a way of communication with his football players that really got to their heads. It helped others by expressing thoughts silently, all proving that the color of your skin does not matter. An example is when he jogged with them to Gettysburg. Then he told how men fought there and died because of a disagreement. That we could all end up the same.

How can Communication Help Me in the Future

I think that to be successful in something you're going to need to use communication. Whether you're at a job interview making a good impression with your future boss, or asking people if they want fries with their big mac. Anyways communication will help me by also wanting a change for the good of people. I will need to communicate with people letting them know things that need to be fixed. Communication will help in many ways.