Leather Back Turtles/Climate Change

The effects of climate change on Leather Back Turtles

Climate change

Climate change can also be called global warming which is the rise of average tempter in a long spand of time. This is not related to short term changes such weather and change in precipitation. Climate change has a big effect on the earth because it isn't just a long last and long term impact. Most people get confused because you cant really notice climate change because you could still be getting more snow and rain then normal but the earth is warmer on average compared to past years.

Results of Climate Change

Some effects of climate change are already occurring in our world. One effect is longer more intense heat waves in our weather. Another impact it has on earth is loss of sea ice. The next one is accelerated sea rise. This changes the environment of many animals because the change in there temputure. For animals who live in snowy or water environments they are impacted the most. The reason is that slowly there is less and less snow and more and more water because the melting snow is going into the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Leather Back Turtels

Leather back turtles are ver large and not your normal turtle. When fully grown they are anywhere between 6-7.5 feet long and 500-1500 lbs. heavy making them the biggest turtle on earth. Another weird thing about them is they actually have soft shells that is basically a rougher back. These sea turtles also cannot retract into their shell because they really do not have one. They can also dive 4,200 feet deep and can stay down there for 85 minutes.
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Impact Climate Change Has On Sea Turtles

Sea turtles lay their eggs on beaches and their eggs hatch on beaches. Since the polar ice caps are melting the sea level is rising. This means that the beaches are getting smaller and smaller so the turtles have less room and space to lay their eggs. Another thing is that over the female turtles are about to lay their eggs they go back to where they were born have lay there. For man tutles the place they we're layer are gone because of the high sea levels. Also scientist say that since they rise in temputure female turtles are more likely to hatch so this means this will be a shortage in males.