Update from... THIS I.F.

October 9th

Dates for the week

Monday the 12th

Kindergarten Data PLC 8:15-9:45

Fifth Grade Data PLC 10:20-11:40

Fourth Grade Data PLC 11:00-12:20

*Bring to these meetings your data notebooks and your CFAs. We will be looking at Reading 3D Data, CBM, and CFA data. We will discuss your intervention plans or ideas.

Tuesday the 13th

9:45 PLC with 2nd Grade to discuss NWF Tier II plans

3:30 Melissa Coughlin Training for all K-3 Teachers (This will end by 5 at the latest)

Wednesday the 14th

3rd Grade Mid Module 2 CFA

Staff Meeting

Thursday the 15th

*Kelly This and 5th Grade will be at ELA/SS Mapping

Friday the 16th

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu

Technology Non-Fiction Site to Check Out!


Many of you have heard about Newsela and if you have not--it is well worth checking out. It is a site where you can assign news articles for your students to read. You can assign the articles by ELA standard or by reading level ranging from 2nd to 12th. Each article is written on several lexile levels for you to choose from. After reading each article, the students take a 4 question quiz to assess comprehension. There are also written comprehension options where students write written responses. Students can annotate articles and highlight. Great site to assess some independent reading. Careful with the news articles with all students due to content--I usually search within the section entitled KIDS. Take some time and check this site out--lots of possibilities. Of course, the free version does not offer all the bells and whistles but it works and is pretty awesome for a free site.

Last point, you can also click on the tab-text sets. This offers the ability to look up topics such as government and get various articles within the same topic which may be great if you are student Native Americans or something you might want to have various articles read on the same topic.

Remember these are news articles so it is not appropriate for all of our students but some of our high flyers in second grade can probably do some of these--just watch the content.