Colonial Colonies

By Hallee, Emily, Zaria, and Brinley

The 13 colonies had a very interesting past. Honestly, it's amazing that America started from 13 colonies!

Culture by: Toffee

Men, in colonial times, were the head bosses of everything! They managed all things that (supposedly) were above and beyond the abilities of women-like building houses, furniture, and working crops. They also represented the family in public affairs, because women could not vote-unfair, right?

Women, in colonial times, were home-stayers. They took care of their children and animals, cooked, and cleaned the house. Women made butter and cheese, and preserved foods. Making their own clothes and spinning yarn was something they could do in their sleep!

From the age of 6, boys would start to work with fathers and girls would work with mothers. Most boys, soon after, started their education. Girls only went to school if they were Quakers.

Colonial Colonies