Kao Joua Thao

Computer Apps

Interests. Hobbies & Activities. Family

- I like to play soccer, basketball and volleyball

- Favorite color is Purple

- Favorite season is summer

- Like to travel

- Love fashion

- I like to shop

- Play the Guitar

- Sing&Dance

- Spending time with family and friends

- 6 members in my family (including myself)

- 3 sisters

10 things you should/shouldn't do when keyboarding:

- Keep your back straight

- Be about a palm away from the keyboard

- Concentrate

- Keep your eyes on the screen

- Both feet on the floor

- Shouldn't be too close to the keyboard

- Shouldn't be using only the two pointer fingers to type

- Should not slump while typing

- Make sure your chair is adjust properly

- Position finger on the home row