great depression

chris sexton


*the great depression lasted from 1920 til1940

*the geat depression peaked between 1932 and 1933

*their was a president that every one looked up to he was herbert hoover who helped the people who had been misfortuned by the bad time of the economy

*in 1932 franklin d. roosevelt was elected as president

key person

Franklin d roosevelt

franklin was involed with this topic because he was the president.he also was the only presideent elected four times. hes important beaxcuse he helped stop the great depression and world war two. he was involved with this area because he was te president who everyone looked up to. and because he stoped the depression

event list

the stocks crashed in 1929 this was the event that started the depression.

franklin roosevelt was elected in 1932 and he went on to stop the depression

the depression ended in 1941 and this was a better time for america