Streams of Babel

Carol Plum Ucci


There are 6 main characters that you follow throughout the book. One is a girl named Cora, her mother dies of an overdose of morphine. Then the Owen and Scott's mom gets a sickness and dies. She was seens drinking a fair amount of water before her death. USIC (United States Intellegence Colition) suspects it's a bioterrorism attack. So, they contact their v-spy, Shahzad, in Karachi, Pakistan. He hacks into chatrooms of terrorists communicating with eachother. Cora's mom dated a british name Jeremy Ireland. Cora was hospitalized and she got a phone call of a man that claimed to be Jeremy. When he arrived, he injected her with poison and tried to kill her. USIC agents stopped him before any further actions. They interrogated him and found out the terrorists were heading to Astor College, near Trinity Falls, for a meeting/gathering. Tyler and Shahzad went to the gathering and they started to become suspicious and the terrorists started making threats, but before they could do anything USIC broke in and killed one of them and captured the others.


The story takes place in many locations. At first it starts in Trinity Falls, New Jersey where the victims are infected. Then the story goes to Karachi, Pakistan where there is a 16 year old boy named Shahzad. He is a v-spy, or hacker, that work for USIC. He hacks into terrorist's chat rooms and types/writes to the intellegence group of what they say. Then it goes to Long Island, New York were he meet Tyler Ping. He is an "mediocere" hacker.


Carol Plum Ucci won the Michael L. Pintz Award and Edgar Award for Best Young Adult. She got the idea from 9/11. The terrorist attack on the twin towers scared people and they started rumors that terrorist were going to attack by water. By attacking by water I mean bioterrorism; putting parasites in water and poisoning people.

Other books from Carol Plum Ucci


  • Omar- the leader of the secret terrorist group
  • Catalyst- another big part of the terrorist group
  • PiousKnight- a terrorist


  • Owen- He is the brother of Scott and his mother died of a bioterrorist attack. He gets poisoned. He is a jock.
  • Scott- He is the big brother of Owen. He is also a jock.
  • Rain-She is blonde and Owen's friend. Her dad is an USIC agent. She get poisoned, but does'nt die.
  • Cora- Her mother died also died of a bioterrorist attack.
  • Shahzad- He lives in Pakistan. He is a v-spy for USIC. He eventually gets transported to Long Island, New York. His mother and father were killed in a fire
  • Tyler- He lives in Long Island New York. His mom is a spy for South Korea. He meets Shahzad. He is an v-spy wannabe.


I recommend this book. I am not a a big reader, but this book is probably one of my favorites. I thought I'd struggle reading 12 chapters a week, but i did pretty well. Actually sometimes I went a little over 12 chapters. The book has suspense, action, comedy, and mystery. All in all, I highly recommend you read this book.