The Chris and Jordan Shakesperience

Shmooping with the Shakes

Quoting of the Quotes!

1. To be or not to be: From: Hamlet

2. All that glitters is not gold: From: The Merchant of Venice

3. Eaten me out of house and Home: From: Henry IV Part 2

Thats the Word Son

1. Jaded- People use it to say they are "soooo over it" but Shakespeare meant someone who is boring

2. Zany- Shakespeare got this word from a clown character named Zanni

3. Caked- Shakespeare was mostly referring to a stale, crusty cake.

Trust Us, We are Doctors

Translator: AKA Shakes speaks better than us

Phrase 1

Hey Y'all, Would you like some finger licking good KFC?

Translation 1

ho ye all, Would thee like some digit licking valorous KFC

Phrase 2

hey you, mere

Translation 2

Ho thee, mere