Scotland Daily News

By: Jordan Pitt

King Duncan Is Murdered

King Duncan was stabbed in the middle of the night while he was spending the knight in Macbeth's castle. We don't know who did it but we suspect that it was either Duncan's sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, or the guards that were supposed to be protecting him. Although the guards had blood on their daggers, we do not have conclusive evidence that they did it because they were killed by Macbeth before they could be interrogated. He was a good man and an amazing leader, and he will always be remembered in Scotland

A New King

Before Duncan passed away he crowned his son, Malcolm, prince of Cumberland, which meant that he was next in line to be the king of Scotland. After Duncan passed away Malcolm fled to England. Without many other options, Macbeth stepped in as king. Will Macbeth be a good king?

The Search For Duncans Murderer

Although it is unclear who killed Duncan, we have a few suspects who could be the murderers. First, the guards. They are very likely suspects considering that they had Duncan's blood on their daggers. Also, Duncan's sons Malcolm and Donalbain are suspects due to the fact that after Duncan's death, they both fled the country and have not been seen since. We are not certain about anything at this point, and the search is still going on.