Unsung People

Celebrating humanity one story at a time!

There are 7 billion people living on this planet. While there is a lot of negativity captured by the media, we believe that there is an innate sense of goodness and empathy among humans. A lot of times a 'kind act' is considered to be one which is large. Little do we notice the small things that people do for each other everyday.

Why we do what we do -

This initiative was inspired by an auto driver who took the effort to clear hundreds of vehicles during peak hour traffic for an ambulance to pass in five minutes, when it would ordinarily take 45 minutes. It probably saved a life that day, but no one in that traffic jam noticed this.

A sample story - submitted by Maanav Kapai, student at SJCC.

When the lunch bell rings in St. Joseph's College of Commerce, an old and frail homeless woman stands besides Chetas Bakery and waits for her buddy from SJCC who buys her an egg puff and oreo shake everyday... And they also never forget to share how their respective days have been. I've been a student there for almost 3 years now... But there hasn't been a day that I haven't witnessed this... It's not just part of their daily routine anymore :)

Share your stories now!

An act of kindness that you have seen of a friend, a family member or a random stranger is not insignificant. It deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. We want you to share with us any instance of selflessness, sacrifice, citizenship or service. Our team will not only share that story online, but also acknowledge the person with a letter of recognition or an award.