John Steinbeck

By: Abbe Wilson

John Steinbeck

"A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us."

Life of Steinbeck

Steinbeck grew up with three sisters and had a happy childhood. It is believed that Steinbeck decided to become a writer at the age of 14. He was shy, but a smart child. He wrote many poems and short stories as a child. In 1919 Steinbeck enrolled in Stanford University. He did this mostly to please his parents, he didn't really think that he needed college. Over the next 6 years he drifted in and out of school and finally dropped out in 1925. He tried to make it as a freelance writer and failed. He then moved to New York and worked as a construction worker, newspaper reporter, then moved back to California. He then Became a Caretaker in Lake Tahoe. Wrote his first novel Cup of Gold in 1929. He later died of heart disease in 1968.

Writing of John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck writes characters as having conflicts between cultures. Also his characters have a theme of not being able to escape the past. Steinbeck often referred to his work being experimental.It wasn't until his fifth novel Tortilla Flat that he became a recognizable writer.


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