Filippo Brunelleschi

Who is Brunelleschi and what is he famous for?

Biography Of Brunelleschi

Filippo Brunelleschi was born in 1377 in the city Florence in Italy. He spent most of his lifetime in Rome, Italy studying with Donetello. Although he spent a lot of his time with Donetello he spent a lot of his early time with Paolo Toscaneli who taught him the principles of one point perspective. He was also one of the lower class architects and had to prove himself through out his lifetime. Brunelleschi grew to be a sculpter, Engineer, goldsmith and artist/architect. He spent his years making buildings and structures. A couple pieces of his work include, The Church of San Lorenz made in 1418. He also built the Pazzi Chapel which was built in 1425. One of Brunelleschi's many patrons was Medechi who supported him in each of his pieces.

Brunelleschi's Work

One of Brunelleschi's very famous pieces of work was the Santa Maria del Fiore: view of the Dome. This specific piece was made in 1420 and was finished in 1436, it took 16 years to build. If you wanted to see this beautiful dome you would have to go to Florence, Italy, Brunelleschi's birth city. What makes this piece special is how big it is, its something that cannot be missed if you go to Italy. Also the fact that the Dome took 16 years to build and is still standing today is something significant. The fact that Brunelleschi proved everyone wrong in the instance of him not being to build or finish the product is pretty awesome. I found this piece interesting because it's so complex and detailed that you can't take your eyes off of it. I think this Dome represents the "ism" of skepticism because everyone questioned Brunelleschi's work and him finishing the Dome successfully.

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